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It's been over a year since I logged onto this site. Lot of it's been focus in college (which im doing very well in so far-- 4.0 for an entire year!) and just doing blogging as a whole, but I've decided I wanted to have a place where I just post art! ^^; I feel too disconnected from this account though (lot of its many outdated memes....), so I plan on just remaking! I'm gonna delete a few things that are a little pointless now, but otherwise I'm gonna keep this blog as an archive I suppose.

I have no clue if anyone still follows me, but for those that do, basically I'm trying to be active here again! I'll have the link to the new account soon! C:
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It's Sonic's 23rd Anniversary, so today I'm gonna try and complete a picture for the event by the end of the evening!…
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Currently Closed due to the need of finishing sketches--It'll be open soon though!

*No porn, please. I can work with blood, violence, and some light fluff, but nothing explicitly sexual.
*Absolutely no fetish requests of any type (aka feet, vore, bondage, etc). I personally don't feel confortable drawing those sorta things.
*No hate art (aka don't ask me to draw your fav character setting your least fav on fire, that kinda jazz.)
*If you are unsure if the commission idea you're asking for is acceptable, shoot me a note!

*Rough Sketch: 25 points
A Scribble by Chicaaaaa
*Clean Sketch: 35 points
Conversation by Chicaaaaa
*Lines: 50 points

    Sneaking Around *Lines* by Chicaaaaa

*Flat Colors: 75 points
Lilac and Carol by Chicaaaaa
*Cel Shading: 100 points 
A World Without Fences by Chicaaaaa
*Complex Shading: 125 points
Got My Eye on You by Chicaaaaa
*Lineless: 135 points
The Woods of Light by Chicaaaaa
*Painting: 150 points
Blazing by Chicaaaaa

*+5 points per character
*+15 for a simple background (table and chair, border, etc)
*+25 for a fully rendered background

I draw, but am not limited to:

Resident Evil

If you want me to draw something outside of this list, just send me a note!
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What would you guys think about me opening point comissions again? I'm still nervous about dealing with actual cash, so maybe working with points might help me transition more. Besides, I kinda wanna get myself a premium again. Getting sick of my username, haha.

Of course this'd be after I finish everyone's sketches for the event, but I digress! xD
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Unexpected plans came up and I was unable to announce the event was closed at 6PM EST. I kinda feel bad for those that commented unaware of this, so because I was absent, those who commented between 6pm EST and 10:14pm EST will also be valid to the event and getting a sketch. For those that comment right after this edit for a request, you will not be eligible. No questions.

Sorry if I'm not replying to everyone's requests directly! I didn't expect to get so many, but I'll get to everyone's! Reminder you still have until 6:00 PM EST today to submit your requests if you haven't. One char only please!

Heya folks!

In order to push myself back into drawing on a regular basis (and update stuff for this account), I'm gonna be having a little special event or so happening all through today!

Basically, over the next 24 hours, I'll be taking full body sketch requests for OCs/FCs (regardless of the fandom, though I'd prefer if it's from a fandom I'm familiar with)!

Here's just a few rules/precautions, though, just so I don't go out of control with these:

-Only one OC please!
-There won't be a background included-- these are just character sketches!
-You have until 6:00pm EST on Friday to send in your requests.
-I'd prefer if you sent the request through replying to this journal.
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*EDIT* Oh! I should already note I got like...3 things done that I could sell. SOrry bout that!


I'm definetly planning to go to my school's con next year with an art booth, so to avoid stress I'm gonna try 'n knock out what I'd have as prints and what I'd sell to begin with (buttons, magnets, prints, etc). It'll probably give me time to learn what formats work best/how to go about prnting them to begin with soo.....

This is technically a personal reminder to myself of what I have in mind. This isn't final of course. Here's what I was thinking:

-Original works?
-Resident Evil
-Maybe Steven Universe?
-Maaaaybe Kill la Kill?

-Prints (8.5x11, maybe 14x17?)
-Maybe a mini comic (probably for something in the original topic)?

So what are your thoughts, guys? Especially to those that have booth experience? Would any of these ideas work or not?
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If I remember; I think that I had at one point said that I was gonna have a booth at the new convention happening here at my college called Swarmcon. Due to just anxieties over getting things printed and zero experience I'd rather just go as a guest like all the other kiddies. I'll probably actually have a booth when I know how things work. ^^;
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I really need to stop making art promises I can't keep. Especially with college I don't think I'll ever get those pages done, at least on a planned basis.

I thought I'd make this post as an apology and to let ya guys know where I'm a lot more active art wise.

Here's my tumblr:

Have a nice day everyone!
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Hey guys! Recently I've been fighting some major insomnia issues (two times this past week I couldn't fall asleep until 4 or 6 am, and I was almost asleep for all of Sunday), but I'm trying to get a hold of them so I can get drawing again! Thanks again for bearing with me. uvu

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I feel really bad; seeing I've kinda ditched this site for a while unintentionally, especially seeing I've had plenty of time to do art with the summer. I've been finalizing what I need to get settled in SCAD, though, and even with that out of the way, I still have lots of stuff going on this month.

So in that case, if you guys want to still hear from me (I even post some art there if you all want to see it), here is my tumblr. I've had it for  while but seeing I don't go on here often I might as well link it here.

Hope you all are doing well! Sorry for the second scare. ^^;
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I know I'm not as active here as I should be, part of that being that I've been giving myself time to just lay low and do my own thing. I"m tempted to just start uploading all the doodles I've done for the past few weeks, but I dunno, hehe.

Besides that, things have been good on my part! We've had some nice warm weather here andI've actually started watching MLP and think it's cute so far. Then I've been working on birthday presents for my internet friends, and am just finalizing scholarship and housing stuff for SCAD now that I'm accepted. ;w; And, ah, I'm no longer single, just though I'd let that out. Very sweet guy I've known for almost a year that had previously been a very very good friend. uwu

In a meantime, I'm just arting. How're you all?
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Sorry for the absense, once again! ^^; I've been going through a bit of friend drama and since my birthday was today, I've been a tad busy. Today was really nice, though!
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Hey guys. I just want to state right now that I am alive. I haven't died or anything...I've just been on a life hiatus. Just...y'know, focusing on my personal life because...frankly, it's been empty for a while. I've just been spending time hanging out with people, going places, trying to get out of the little isolation bubble I've put myself in for so long.

I can happily say that the efforts have paid off. Though, I should confess my other reason I've been gone for a while. And brace yourself, this is gonna be a long one.

When I first joined on this site, it was for the hope I would have an chance to draw what I enjoyed. I did draw other things, but it was more of things people'd like to see or were important for my classes- not really things I personally enjoyed. For a while, dA gave me just that- I was able to meet people with my similar interest and enjoy art as well. I met some of my best friends though here, and still talk to a lot of them to this day.

However, I feel like the longer I've been on here, the more I felt obliged I had to draw certain things. As in, I was always thinking, 'Oh man, I can't draw another Sonic thing. That'll mean I'm stubborn to improvement. Gotta force out/squeeze out something someone else recommended.' And sometimes, it turned out to work for me, if I genuinely enjoyed the idea. Other times I would just silently agree, worrying I'd get yelled at/get forced to go about the idea, even if I knew they weren't that kind of person. I'd feel bad every time I started to fade from a fandom because I always seemed to burn out- not completely, but to where I would only draw it once a week compared to every day.

And then there's all the, 'suggestions'. "Hey Sunny, you should draw this, you should draw that, Hey Sunny, you should get to work on that thing you've clearly said at least three times you might never work on it again.' And that sort of thing stresses me out. While I hate to see things unfinished, I'd rather leave them unfinished/not worked on if I have no genuine interest in them.

Now if it were for school/money, that would be another story. I still have interest in my work if there's a reason for it so I enjoy it fairly well. In fact that's what I've been doing during my hiatus. At the same time, though, as I tried to drift from drawing things I enjoyed, I started to become more and more miserable. That might have also come from the stress of pushing myself out my comfort zone, but feeling like I have to draw something for someone else instead of what I enjoy for a site I use solely for a personal art dump is extremely distressful for me.

So with that, I avoided going on day after day. I was worried I'd be bombarded with angry messages asking why I wasn't on or why I wasn't drawing/working on their, 'suggestion' that was clearly stressing me out. After coming on here because a friend asking for my dA, I spent my time scrolling though my main page, some of you actually deeply concerned about my well being- which I do admit, find very sweet.

I suppose my break might have brought some good, however. Whenever I did have a sketchday, I've been working on my anatomy, and from playing some WoW I have some pretty good character sketches I might post up on here. And just a bunch of other ones from these past few months- but I digress.

And with that, I conclude. I really want to apologize for worrying a lot of you- hopefully since I've been starting to get some more personal art churning I can get back to how things used to be back when I started.
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Life has been taking a chunk out of me, but I'm happy to announce I finally have a good amount of time to myself! To celebrate, I decided to have a livestream and draw a nice holiday themed picture. ^^

Hope you all can come!…
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I just wanted to make this journal to let you guys know I'm still here- I've been busy finishing up my SCAD challenge entry because it's due this Friday.

...Nevertheless, things are going well. I'm actually gonna see Wreck-it Ralph on the same day so that'll be a nice reward for myself! :D

I'm doing my best to get back to all your comments since I know they're piling up...a lot...
Also this goes to all my recent number of watchers- I'm super sorry I didn't get around to thanking you when you did, but I really appreciate it! <3 I haven't gotten the chance to post some actual art for a bit, but hopefully that'll change!

On one final note, though- Hurricane Sandy might cut power in my state, and it's the first one it's gonna hit...
I think I'll be okay, but if not...I love you guys. Stay safe.
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Art Update!

Thu Sep 27, 2012, 5:39 PM
Upon request by a few of my friends here, I've decided to get around posting my little drawings and doodles I've done over the past month. I personally don't think they're much, but I feel that some of you'd get a kick out of it.

Just a warning though- most of it's going to be Sonic related, but I do have a reason- he's a very simple, quick thing for me to draw, and it's a bit of a break/stress reliever in-between my portfolio pieces. If I'm lucky, I might be able to photograph the huge charcoal drawing I finished today! c: But for now....yeah. Sonic stuff. Sorry guys! ;A; I know some of you watch me for other things, but...

ackkkk so much stuff i feel i gotta draw because i havent enough

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I'm alive, guys!

Sun Sep 16, 2012, 7:34 PM
I've just been puttering here and there, but I though I'd give a head's up that I'm still here!

I have a definite plan for applications- since all of my other college deadlines are n February, I'm just going to focus on getting things in for SCAD to apply for early acceptance in maybe I'll have a bit of a relaxing period in December.

Otherwise, I'll be catching up and getting to everyone's comments! ^^

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Update on Certain Stuff

Wed Sep 5, 2012, 5:24 PM

Well, I though I'd decide to give a bit of an update on how things are going so far.

Collegewise, here are the things I need to get out of the way:

*Application statement/College essay
* Recommendations
*SCAD challenge (Deadline Nov 2nd, I believe)

Just today my English teacher announced that we'd be working on writing our College Essays in the class, and be able to have them finished by early October at the latest. For recommendations, since all I need to do it configure all of the deadline dates for the colleges I want to apply to, I suspect that'll only take a day to gather the info to give the teachers I'm asking- leaving plenty of time to wait to get their letter back.

So that means the only tricky stuff I have to deal with are my Portfolio and the SCAD challenge (which is a comic book that has to revolve around how art changes the world).

As I've said before, the more I get out of the way, the more time I'll be able to spend on places like this site- I even gave myself a bit of a break today to work on some fanart because I got most of the homework due for the week done ahead of time, so expect to see that. c: Oh, and you'll also see some sketches for some of the portfolio pieces I'm planning xD

ILU GUYS. <3 Just sayin'

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Senior Applications and College Concerns

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 7:54 PM

*Edit* After a bit of thinking, I think that I might at least be able to get to your messages in the morning before school, since I don't really have time to do anything important around that time...but otherwise, I don't know if I can say I'll be around too much *end edit*

I'm not often the kinda person that likes to voice my worries to a lot of people, but I felt this had to be done.

Of course, it's senior year, and I have to start getting in applications for college. Then there's reccomendations, taking care of the ACTs, finishing a decent portfolio, finding and entering in scholarships, actually fitting in the qualifications for the colleges you're looking for, even when you still need to fine more to apply in that you actually wouldn't mind staying in...

I just feel really overwhemed that I'm going to have to do all these things by the end of November- the lastest my parents want me to turn in all the forms. It's like I worry if I screw one thing up in these next few months I'm going to have to kiss any serious art career I want to pursue goodbye. I feel like I'd be letting my parents down if I didn't get something done in time and ruind my chances of being accepted. Because, to be honest, I have to admit I'm pretty bad at procrastinating and putting things off.

I don't want it to ruin any possibilities of me getting into a college- but the fact it's a pretty huge habit of mine makes me scared I'm going to miss a deadline and none of the colleges I'm aiming for will accept me- and the face my list of colleges are small to begin with doesn't help things either.

So as a means of trying to prevent such a scenario from happening, I might have to take some drastic measures. I'm sorry guys, I love you all to death, but this site, long with Youtube and computer drawing, are going to be the death of me if I spend too much time on any of them these next few months. :/ So you might not see or hear much from me during that time.

Once I get all my forms and applications sent, though, it'll be smooth sailing from there! I just have to get through this really huge hurdle- I can't risk screwing my future over because of the Internet. :/

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Livestream! *Offline*

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 24, 2012, 2:42 PM

AND WE'RE BACK. SOrry about that. XD;

After redownloading the procaster and fixing some bugs, I decided to have a livestream again! 8D I'll be adding the background of a zombie picture and doing some doodling. ^^……

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